1-2-1 Training

Puppy Visits: £100 (2 sessions up to 2 hours each)

These visits are very informal, and cover basic information about owning a puppy. These sessions can be especially valuable for first time dog owners, or for people who haven't raised a puppy before. The visits cover topics such as house-training, mouthing, socialisation and nutrition. Short introductions to basic obedience exercises can also be taught if required. This is an ideal way to get a head-start before moving onto group classes. Puppies learn very quickly, and many owners miss this excellent window of opportunity as the puppy may not be fully vaccinated and therefore unable to get out and about. 

Behaviour Problems (£35/hour)

I offer 1-2-1 training in your own home for dogs with behavioural problems such as destruction or lack of boundaries. Please note I do not take aggression or severe reactivity cases.

Obedience Training (£35/hour)

I offer 1-2-1 training for dogs who are unable to attend a group training session due to reactivity around other dogs or people. It allows both of you to move through the programme at a relaxed pace, without the pressure of other dogs and owners.

​If you would like to book any of these sessions then please get in touch so I can discuss suitability and allocate the most appropriate sessions. Please note that some behaviour problems will require more than one visit.