Covid-19 Pandemic: Health and Safety Precautions

All of the precautions that PerfectPups have taken have been in line with the government and NHS guidelines. 


  • Disposable gloves will be worn when entering properties, and handling equipment if the owner requests this.

  • A mask will be worn when entering properties. 

  • PerfectPups will refrain from stepping into properties to collect dogs where possible, and will collect from the front door or garden if suitable. This will be arranged with the owner prior to arrival.

  • Hand-washing/sanitizing will be taking place after walks and after drop-offs after every dog.

  • PerfectPups will use their own equipment including leads, long lines etc. 

1-2-1 Consultations

  • A video call is being offered at a discounted rate should the owner not want to meet in person.

  • In face-to-face consultations, both PerfectPups and owners will remain at least 2m apart at all times to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and as much as possible, the sessions will be held in a private field.

Group Training Classes

  • Group sessions are now back up and running, with extra precautions which are listed below:

    • ​I will only be permitting up to two people per household per dog into the class. 

    • You should wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser on entry and exit of the premises. There will be hand sanitiser available. 

    • Hand sanitiser should be used at all appropriate times, but especially after touching any potentially contaminated surface.

    • You should still adhere to social distancing of at least 2m as much as possible. (Places will be set out with at least 2m in between, for multiple reasons - please don’t move closer to another person)

    • Face Coverings must still be worn over your nose and mouth at all times in the hall. I can provide some disposable masks if you need one or forget it.

    • You must follow government guidance on self isolation. Therefore if you develop any symptoms BEFORE you arrive, please let me know, and DO NOT ATTEND class. Please stay at home and follow government guidance on self-isolation and testing.

    • If you develop symptoms whilst at class, please let me know immediately, return home and follow the government advice on self-isolating/testing.

    • Please be patient when entering and exiting the class. Follow any guidance in place and adhere to social distancing inside the hall. 

    • You should try not to touch/stroke anyone else's dog.