Dog Walking

I offer dog walking in Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire. I am happy to walk dogs from the same household together or separately depending on your wishes. All walks are individual with your dogs only. I believe that this allows me to devote more attention to your dog, as well as developing a better relationship with them. It also means that I can continue any obedience training you may be working on to ensure consistency. 

I offer a loyalty scheme where if you buy a block of 9 walks, you will receive a 10th free.

Price List

30 min walk (single dog)

30 min walk (additional dogs)

45 min walk (single dog)

45 min walk (additional dogs)

1 hour walk (single dog)

1 hour walk (additional dogs)

Puppy Visit (single dog)

Puppy visits are 45 mins, and include letting the puppy out to toilet, feeding if required, and a play/training session or short walk dependent on age and vaccination.

Before leaving the house I will ensure the dog has water, and give a quick hose or wipe down if muddy, and dry off if wet.